Someone wrote that a blog is a way of working out what you’re thinking. I haven’t had a blog since I officially retired, and I miss it. I’ll try to write some stuff about what I’m doing, what I’m thinking and exploring. I’m hoping some of you will help me work things out. Not sure any of it is at all sustainable…

Officially, I’m retired, but I’m doing “a little light consulting” to stop my brain freezing over. There’s lots of stuff I’m interested in…

I used to be Director of the UK Digital Curation Centre; before that I was Director of Information Services at the University of Glasgow, and prior to that, 5 years as Director of the JISC-funded Electronic Libraries Programme. I’ve also worked for 20 years in Australia. After a degree in physics, I started out as a developer of engineering software applications, initially structural analysis programs. You’ve possibly driven over bridges analysed with some of that software…

You can contact me if you need to on twitter (@cardcc), or by email using initial.surname at Gmail!


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