Change of direction?

31 Dec

I’m pretty sure no-one’s really following this blog these days, but if they were, they would have noticed that posts have been pretty thin on the ground in the last few years. I set the blog up to continue the practice of blogging (which I had really enjoyed in my time at the DCC), to help clear my thoughts, and specifically to help get commentary as Brian Lavoie and I developed the Economic Sustainability Reference Model, as part of a consultancy project.

Not long after that completed, I retired for a second time, and for various reasons rather gave up on all social media. To replace the focus (hah!) on work from the past 45 or so years, I decided to concentrate on photography. In the process, I explored various photography forums, and was staggered at how appalling the level of discussion was, descending rapidly into un-checked name calling and abuse (I’m thinking of you, DP Review Forums!). Eventually I discovered the UK-based Talk Photography, which in comparison was well moderated and civilised; a little later I came across the Film & Conventional sub-forum on TP, where I have posted and interacted amongst a community of like-minded individuals, many of whom have become friends.

This all contributed to neglecting this blog. I do feel a definite lack, though. I have been contemplating starting a new blog related to photography, but instead I’ve decided to try posting more photography-related articles on this blog.

You might also have noticed that I rashly promised “stories” from my earlier life on here. The first of these was going to be the 4-week trip I took with two friends in an ancient car between first and second year at Uni. We went over to Belgium, up the Rhine valley, through Austria to Italy (surviving floods on the Italian side), then down through Italy to Rome and eventually Sorrento. On the way back, we went through Switzerland and drove up through France. Total cost to me, £50!

Initial work on that story went reasonably well, and I made contact with on of the friends I had travelled with (first contact in about 50 years!). It turns out he was still friends with the 3rd guy, who was however suffering from fairly late stage Alzheimer’s. We did discuss the trip a bit, and I was amazed at how much our recollections differed. But I found it hard to turn it from a rather dry sequence (here, then there, then on to there) into something with more coherence. Not helped by having no photographs from the journey; initially I thought I didn’t have a camera at that time, but since I later found it (as recorded in an earlier article), I guess the photographs are simply lost. And so it foundered.

We’ll see if this works any better.


One Response to “Change of direction?”

  1. Stamford Stamped Concrete 25 February, 2019 at 17:44 #

    I do enjoy your photography and hope to continue to see more in the future!
    -Concrete Lady

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