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28 Jun

Eddie Izzard was on the One Show today. Apparently someone has written a biography of him, and he has now written an autobiography. Meanwhile his proud Dad has also written his own autobiography, sold out in its first print run. Eddie clearly loved this, and spoke to the audience encouraging those of us who are older to write some of our own stories. Our children won’t be able to ask us when we’re gone. My father did this, voluminously; I’ve only seen these books for an hour or two, but found the incidental story of my own arrival in the world (beside his own story of receiving his posting to West Africa that same day), fascinating*.

No-one would print my story, such as it is, and maybe no-one will read it. But I guess this is where I should put whatever I think interesting. I doubt this will be in any sensible order, if anything emerges at all!

Some of the things that might be interesting to write about…

  • Four-week trip through Europe in an old car with two friends, when I was 19
  • A week in Moscow helping promote ICL computers
  • Four months working in Sofia, in communist Bulgaria, converting applications software, with side trips to Rila, Thessaloniki, Athens and Mykonos
  • My early fascination with cheap sports cars (but then again, maybe not)
  • The two-year contract to Adelaide that turned into 20 years (even the journey there was a massive adventure)
  • Trips to New Zealand, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Queensland, and the mid-north of South Australia
  • Marriage and growing a family… yes, we all do it, but in our own way, and as I suggested above, people are interested in where they fit in
  • Returning to the UK. Probably not much about my very interesting job as there is already plenty of evidence of that
  • The family I grew up in and still belong to
  • … and maybe not many others are interested, but I would find it interesting to write about the role of photography, then and now.

I don’t know, might be fun! Almost certainly boring for everyone else, but never mind…

* I once considered transcribing my father’s memoirs/diaries in a blog, but that was before I’d seen the scale of the volumes. It does cover a period from the 1920s through the second world war and on; I’m not quite sure what the latest coverage was. He was an Army engineer who worked in India, Egypt, Palestine (as it then was), West Africa, Northern Ireland and England…

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