More back from Microsoft

28 Nov

Following my posting of the initial response to my Open Letter, Jim Thatcher wrote back to me:

“Thanks Chris. My team will be working on this issue to try to come up with a more concrete path forward. For now, if any of your readers have specific needs I would encourage them to work with third-party vendors (as you did) to convert the obsolete documents. Archival organizations with long-term structural needs that can’t be addressed by a one-shot conversion project can contact me directly at jim.thatcher(at)

Please keep me apprised of thee community’s suggestions for crowd-sourcing those document formats.

Jim Thatcher
Principal Program Manager
Office Standards and Interoperability”

I’m currently struggling to find any person or organisation willing to take some leadership in that response; this is moving beyond what I can achieve in a back bedroom! So BL, TNA, LoC, NARA, NLA, NLNZ, OCLC, JISC, Knowledge Exchange, EC, even CNI and DPC (and others), I’m looking at you!

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