A week after being Annoyed: DMCA notice filed

20 Jun

Well, it’s a week since my last post, and my comment on the (alleged) offending blog has not been published or responded to. So, I’ve gone ahead with filing a DMCA notice at WordPress.com. I have to say, they don’t make it easy, and it is somewhat scary to do. I can understand why it is so formal, but it is still a somewhat scary thing.

In this case, the fact that the content is CC-BY does make the infringement less obvious. I hope they (at WordPress) understand the significance of the Attribution requirement. What really got my goat was doing some searches on Google and finding the copied content coming up first (without attribution). In other words, people may well be finding my posts and those of others, without being able to find out who wrote them.

We’ll see what happens!


One Response to “A week after being Annoyed: DMCA notice filed”


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