13 Jun

(I should start this post by saying Hi, and apologising for the long absence from blogging. There are reasons, as always. I’m hoping to do a bit more, although it may well be on rather different topics, to match my changing interests.)

I am annoyed. I don’t know if I should be, but I am. I made an internet search today, trying to find a bit more about a topic I know a bit about. I spotted an interesting-looking search result, clicked through, and read an interesting article on a blog. However, I soon realised that I was reading my own words, but not from my (previous) blog.

I am the principal author of articles in the Digital Curation Blog ( up to the time I left the DCC in 2010. The blog that I was looking at was called “Nothing relevant to SEO” (a hint, perhaps?), at It appears to include all or much of the content from the Digital Curation Blog up to October 2009. The content appears to include titles, tags and comments almost verbatim.

Since the original content was published with a Creative Commons Attribution Licence (otherwise known as CC-BY), perhaps I don’t have a complaint? However, crucially the new blog did not include the names of the original blog-post authors, nor any link back to the Digital Curation Blog. So it has violated the terms of the CC-BY licence. (I’m not sure if it is carelessness, but names on comments have not been removed, so the CC-BY conditions for them are probably almost met.)

I’m in the process of following the WordPress DMCA protocol, the first stage of which is to leave a comment for the authors of the alleged offending blog. This I have done. It is apparently “awaiting moderation”, so in include it here.

“To whoever is the “owner” of this blog: this content appears to be copied directly from the Digital Curation Blog (see for example Now the content of the DC Blog is CC-BY, so at one level I can’t really complain. However, all author names have been removed from these articles, and there are no links to the origianl. This is a violation of the CC-BY terms.

I don’t know who you are, and I don’t seem to have any way to find out. I am in the process of entering a DMCA complaint to WordPress. Following their template, I am to attempt to resolve the siuation by leaving a comment for you.

You can deal with my complaint to my satisfaction by:

a) entering an apology in a comment here, AND

b) resdtoring the author names for all articles from the DC Blog, AND

c) including a link from each article to the original on the DC Blog.

I will proceed with my complaint if I do not hear from you within 7 days.

Chris Rusbridge”


2 Responses to “Annoyed!”


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