Update on the state of the Economic Sustainability Reference Model

17 Oct

This is a quick update on the state of the reference model. We have completed our consolidation of the chapters, with the important exception of the Tools (and the less important exception of the glossary), and we have done some internal reviewing, with help from Neil Grindley (one of our sponsors). On reflection, we have decided not to send this draft out on the lists for public review. Instead, we have circulated it to a small group of experts, most of whom were at a workshop that Neil organised earlier this year. We thought we were likely to get only one shot at a public review, and we wanted to complete the Tools section, and get some validation from our expert group first.

However, to keep our earlier promise, albeit in a different form, we have made a PDF version of the consolidated draft available via the reference model page on this site, and we would certainly welcome comments, either as comments to this post or to the reference model page, or by email (see the About page).

We are also planning a workshop on this topic at the International Digital Curation Conference in Bristol this December (it may move to a different day and time). By then we hope to have the next version available for public comment.


Comments always welcome, will be treated as CC-BY

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