State of the reference model

6 Oct

I have just uploaded the last two sections of the draft Reference Model for Economically Sustainable Digital Curation (there is one section, the glossary, as yet unwritten, but there doesn’t seem much point in posting it here). I’ll link all the updated sections together through the reference model page at the tope of the blog site, so you can browse through them if you like.

We would really welcome comments; that was the whole point of posting these sections here as they were written and updated. Unfortunately it does not seem to have been a very successful ploy. I guess launching a new blog site and expecting comments on some rather weighty material was perhaps an over-ambitious… ambition. Nevertheless, I would be really grateful for any feedback, especially given today is digital archives day!

What’s going to happen now? Well, we are assembling all the material into a single document, which will be too long to post here. We are working on this internally, together with Neil Grindley from JISC (who co-funded this work, along with OCLC Research). We hope to release a consolidated version for public comment next week. This will go out on a number of relevant email lists; Neil is also investigating whether it can be mounted for comments on the JISCpress site. The draft will be open for comments for a few weeks. Meanwhile, Neil will be talking about the draft at a meeting in Europe (will update with link if possible), and then at iPres in Singapore.

We also hope to hold a small workshop on the refefrence model at the International Digital Curation Conference in Bristol in December. We are not sure if this will be before or after comments close on the circulated draft.

We have some other ideas as well. We would quite like a few volunteers to test the reference model by attempting to use it to build their own sustainability strategy. This could be done as a dry run or “structured walkthrough”, perhaps, rather than the full-blown effort. Please do let us know if that would interest you.

Eventually (and not too far into the future) the idea is to publish a final version of the reference model. I’ll try to remember to post here when that happens. Meanwhile, there are undoubtedly other things on my mind that I’ll be blathering on about…


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