Draft structure for sustainability reference model

17 Aug

This is the draft structure we have come up with so far for the Sustainability reference model. It may change…

1) Introduction

2) Summary of model

3) Economic lifecycle

4) Sustainability strategy

5) Economic risks

6) Key entities – assets – processes – stakeholders

7) Entity properties – intrinsic – extrinsic

8 ) Stakeholders and decision-makers (may merge with Key entities)

9) Sustainability concepts

10) Glossary and definitions

11) Examples and case studies

12) Tools

What has been posted so far on these topics doesn’t really constitute drafts; they are more ideas on the topics, aimed at the blog audience. Drafts will come later on.

At some point, when the document exists in a reasonable form, there will be a different kind of consultation process. Meanwhile, your thoughts are welcome, as always.


Comments always welcome, will be treated as CC-BY

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