Starting blogging again

2 Aug

I’ve really been missing having a blog since I formally retired from the Digital Curation Centre in April 2010. The Digital Curation Blog was reasonably successful and an enjoyable experience. Because of its close links with the DCC it wasn’t really appropriate for me to keep posting after I left, and besides I feel I want a wider scope here.

I have no real idea what I’ll be posting. Certainly some thoughts on what I’m thinking about and working on, but no doubt other stuff as well. I may, for instance, include some comments about the photo scanning process I’m undertaking at the moment. Who knows?

Whatever happens, there will be some posts where I will really value input from you, dear reader. Comments always welcome, on a CC-BY basis, although I reserve the right to delete any comments whatsoever. Nevertheless, your comments are your responsibility, not mine!

Let’s see how it goes, hey?


Comments always welcome, will be treated as CC-BY

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